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Residential Inspection Services

These "third party" inspections are conducted by us as a representative of the AHJ and we verify depth, width, reinforcing, and overall site preparation for compliance with the codes and approved plans. These inspections are done before the concrete is poured to ensure that the foundation is sound and meets all plan and AHJ requirements.

Footing/ Wall/Slab Inspection

This inspection ensures that drilled concrete piers terminate on original material as planned and that the piers are placed as shown on the approved plans.

Pier Inspection

This inspection ensures that the structural framing of your building meets all necessary codes and regulations.  We make any required recommendations for in field framing issues or rough-in inspection items called out by the AHJ inspector.

Structural Framing Inspection

Our team can evaluate existing buildings to identify potential structural issues and provide recommendations for repairs and upgrades. Our team can conduct feasibility studies to determine the viability of your construction project and identify potential challenges and opportunities.

Existing Building Evaluation/ Feasibility Studies

We will evaluate the soil on your construction site to determine its bearing capacity and ensure that it can support your building's foundation.  In some cases we will recommend a geotechnical professional examine and make recommendations due to anomalous conditions.

Soil Evaluation

Our team can create accurate as-built plans that show the layout and dimensions of your completed construction project.

As-Built Plans

We offer value engineering services to help you optimize your project's design and construction while maintaining quality and staying within budget.

Value Engineering

Our team can provide consulting and advisory services to help you make informed decisions about your construction project.

Consulting  & Advisory Field Services

We can evaluate your construction project to ensure that it meets all necessary building codes and regulations.

Code Evaluation

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