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Engineering Services

This is the core service we provide, which involves analzing the loads and stresses that a building will be subjected to, and designing a structural system that can safetly support these loads. This includig creating plan sets for permitting.

Structural Analysis & Design

One of the critical components of any building is its foundation. We can provide a variety of foundation design services, including traditional shallow foundations, deep foundations such as drilled piers, and specialize in coming up with solutions for difficult situations.  We work closely with several area Geotechnical firms to ensure your foundation meets all codes for all soil conditions.

Foundation Design

Every building must adhere to various building codes and standards to ensure it meets safety requirements. we provide services to ensure that your buildings meet the relevant building codes and regulations.  We are extremely familiar with all Kansas City area jurisdictions and can provide plans to get all of your projects permitted.

Building Code Compliance

We offer retrofitting services to update older buildings to meet modern building codes and standards. This includes structural reinforcement, we work with architects to ensure all codes are met to create a safe, up-to-date building. Additionally, we offer renovation services that modify existing structures to improve their functionality, appearance, or energy efficiency.

Retrofitting & Renovations

We offer support during the construction process, including site inspections, quality control, and project management. This can help ensure that the construction is done correctly, safely, and efficiently.

Construction Support Services

Our extensive experience in residential structural design can be invaluable to you. We can provide consulting services to help you make informed decisions regarding the structural aspects of your projects, including feasibility studies, structural reviews, and peer reviews.  We can often offer multiple solutions to complicated problems and help in determining who is best to complete the work and how it should be done.

Consulting & Advisory Services

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